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Hello, and welcome to Honeycomb! I’m Francesca Goodwin. You might have found this blog because of my music, which means you may know me by my maiden name, Francesca Battistelli. But this is not a space for me to promote my music. This is a space where I share bits and pieces of my life as a mom. I’m a mom who travels over 150 days a year, so that will play into some of my posts, but mostly, I want this to be a space where I can document my family’s adventures, share whole and healthy recipes with you that our family loves, share DIY health and beauty products I and my friends create, and share what Jesus is doing in our lives! We are not perfect, and we promise to be honest about that!

My sweet husband’s name is Matt, and we have two kids, Eli and Audrey. I’m excited to start blogging and hope you enjoy following along with us!

*A disclaimer on comments: I love reading your comments, but please keep them respectful and mature. Any comments that are contentious, vulgar, untruthful, anonymous or ugly in anyway may be deleted. Thank you for being grown ups! :)

*A disclaimer on health posts: I am not a doctor or healthcare provider. Any advice or home remedies I share should be considered one mom’s experience. Please do not take everything I say as gold. I am learning as I go and want to share what I find with you, but I am in no way trying to pretend that I am an expert of ANY kind. I have an English degree for goodness’ sake! Please consult your doctor before trying any of the supplements I may recommend. Thank you!

*A disclaimer on sponsored posts: as we are just starting out, I don’t know if anyone will want to sponsor any posts at all, but if they do, know that I will NEVER endorse something for any sort of payment that I haven’t tested. It must be something that fits within our family, makes sense for this space, and that I personally believe in. This blog won’t turn into a giant commercial. I promise. That being said, when it makes sense, we will consider sponsored posts. But they will always be disclosed! Also, our store page links to an amazon affiliate page that I have carefully curated with products we personally use. If you click amazon links through that page, it will give this blog a tiny commission and it is no change of price to you, so we appreciate you using the store when you can! Thank you!