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Monday, November 7, 2016

My "Alem Utility/Mom Bag" from FASHIONABLE is finally here!!!

Redding, CA

It’s finally here!  I’ve been so excited about this project, and today is finally the day I can share it with all of you! 

Last winter, I was very pregnant with Isaac and searching for the perfect diaper bag.  I tell you—it didn’t exist.  I wanted something made of leather but not too structured or “glam.”  It needed to have pockets and be big enough to fit all the things, not just a large tote.  I sat in the car thinking about what it could look like and who I could partner with, and it hit me!  I’ve been a fan of FASHIONABLE from the start, so I called up my friend Marisa (marketing director at FASHIONABLE) and pitched her the idea of a bag specifically designed for moms that could double as a utility bag for everyone else.  We sat in design meetings comparing the size of our baby bumps and together came up with what I think is one of the most beautiful, versatile bags I’ve ever carried. 

I really wanted the bag to work for my everyday life through multiple seasons.  So many diaper bags are so “season-specific.”  If you don’t have an infant, the features of the bag won’t work for you.  What about moms of toddlers?  Or moms of older kids?  Hey, what about moms who work or go to school and don’t want to have multiple bags they’re constantly switching between?  I can take this bag to the park filled with snacks and diapers in the morning and throw in my laptop and water bottle for an afternoon songwriting session or meeting at the label.  It works beautifully in both settings.  Some things that were important to me in the design were: it had to work as a cross body AND a shoulder bag, had to have a zipper, absolutely had to have an outside pocket for my phone and keys, and it needed to be lined with multiple pockets.  Y’all, it does not disappoint!  It’s absolutely beautiful, and I feel so put together carrying it.  My friends who aren’t moms (or have older kids) all want one, and I think you may too! :) 

Beyond all of those things, I love that this bag provided a job of dignity and sustainable income for a mom across the ocean.  Our beautiful bag is named after Alem, one of the heroic women FASHIONABLE works with, who is now ABLE to have a better life for her family because of her job.  I hope you love it as much as I do!!


P.S. Purchase the Alem Utility Bag here!



  1. Where can I find this bag to buy it?


  2. This bag definitely looks spacious and can fit an entire kid (let alone kid supplies) And this is certainly a “mom” bag. Know what I mean?

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    THOUGHTS? How does the congac wear through time compared to the black? This thing is going to get put through the ringer.

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