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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Wildly Co. Giveaway!

Atlanta, GA.

I love kids clothes.  Especially classic, ethically made basics.  So when Wildly Co. offered to do a giveaway, I was very quick to say yes!  I've been a fan of their clothes since last fall when I placed my first order.  Haley's blog is one of the first I ever followed five years ago, and I'm thrilled about their new venture.  Here's a little backstory for you:

Last year, Mike and Hayley Morgan set out to come up with a business the whole family could be involved in.  Mike, working for a global corporation, along with Hayley, blogger at The Tiny Twig, co-founder of The Influence Networkand upcoming author for Zondervan, felt a calling to integrate their faith and businesses more closely with their family.  They set out to grow something together for good: your good, their kids' good, and mostly for God's glory. 

Since Wildly Co. launched, they successfully funded their Kickstarter campaign and produced a collection of exclusive and unique quality kids' basics.  This week, Mike and Hayley are inviting a few of their Kickstarter backers and bloggers to see behind the scenes of their  production process. Wildly Co.'s story is one of families buying clothes that will provides healing, dignity, and a trade for other families. You can follow along on Instagram with the hashtag #dresswildly. 

Their tag line is "Best of the Basics, Ethically Made."  I've found that kids don't need a million clothes.  It slows them down when it's time to get dressed, makes laundry more difficult, and could instill a lifelong habit of overconsumption.  If we buy our kids fewer, nicer things and let them wear them out, I believe we're teaching lots of good things at once.  Plus, neutral basics make it SO simple to combine different pieces without worrying if they will match.  It fits nicely with my whole "uniform" philosophy, doesn't it?

I'm a real customer of Wildly Co.--they didn't send me any free product to review, just asked me to talk about my actual experiences with their clothes.  We own a swing top, skirt, pair of jeans, sport pants, two t-shirts, and one pair of leggings.  We love everything.  Audrey loves her skirt because its twirly, but I love it because it has shorts underneath, so when she's running around on the playground, I'm not worried about modesty.  Eli loves his t-shirts because they're longer and slimmer than most 4T shirts, and they're so soft with no itchy tags.  Clothes your kids can really play in?  Yes please.  

Wildly Co. clothes are all ethically made.  They employ fair labor practices, are USA made, fair trade, and they are creating sustainable jobs.  And they are generously offering a $100 gift card to one of you!  The giveaway is only open for the next two days, so get moving!  To win, enter the rafflecopter giveaway below!  Winner will be chosen by the weekend!  

Cheers to all of you!


  1. Great ideas! My wife and I have been on a get-rid-of-surplus spree lately, and have culled so many boxes of our 5 kids' clothes- it feels so liberating to pare down! Love your idea of focusing on neutral colors so that whatever you grab matches! Ha. Good time saver. And focusing on quality do you don't have to buy clothes so often. And love your prevailing themes of natural, ethically made, etc.
    Your songs have meant SO much to our household! The combo of vocal quality + lyrical quality + musical originality is amazing. No telling how many hours we've spent listening since we found you this past Christmas. Please keep rocking it! We're gonna come see you live one day when you come near Arkansas!

  2. Well I guess my comment was all that was needed this time around! Haha. :) hopefully that means I have a decent chance of winning some Wildly clothes for my kids?! :)

    On another note, since everyone is still meditating on my first comment ;), I wanted to add that I'd be interested in hearing more about Matt. Maybe he could guest post or start his own blog. What does he think about 150+ days of road time per year? What's it been like playing a supportive role to his wife on this level? Lessons learned? Hopes for 10 years from now? How did he become your drummer in the first place? Do y'all ever jam just the 2 of you at home? My word, how cool would that be for your lucky kids getting front row seats to that at bath time every day! My wife and I are sorta accomplished violin/piano, so I totally understand that those musical outbursts don't happen as much as one might think. (Unfortunately) But still, would be awesome.

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  4. May 18, 2015

    Hi Franny. Oh, my... I can't believe your 30 already. You are growing beautifully in the Father's eyes. I am wishing you a blessed birthday. Say beautiful my talented one. :)

    Julia Knutson.

  5. I hope you have a wonderful birthday! My daughter shares a birthday with you and turns 8 years old today. She wanted to wish you Happy Birthday!
    She loves to take her karaoke with her sisters and sing along with your songs! Thanks you for all you do to bless others through your music.

  6. Wow, 30!! Congrats, Franny! How's your day going? I hope it's fabulous. Btw, your music is so inspirational; i could listen to it ALL day :D

  7. I wanted to share with you this special birthday message from me! Please let me know how you like it! Love ya! Blessings, Christie

  8. Check this out!! :D :D!!:

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  10. Hello. Our two are ten and eight (boy then girl) and our daughter has found that she really would like to wear jeans. Can I just tell you that I never noticed how fast she grows until I put her in a pair of jeans and she outgrew them in a matter of weeks. Now I'm trying to explain to her why it's just easier to make dresses with bloomers for her - she can do just about anything in those (she learned how to crawl and walk in skirts and dresses with bloomers) and never show her plumber's side. *silly smile* I have tried to tell her than I found a pattern with a pinafore that I can put pockets in - real pockets not those little pretend ones in the jeans at the store - but it's still a hard sell to this little lady. *smile* It's not about the jeans vs. dress it's a matter of playing freely without worry of skin showing while she's lost in imagination land. *smile* Your little ones are adorable in their casual outfits, thank you for sharing with all of us. Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!

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